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Monday, January 12, 2009

Could we have a Governor Lawton after all?

Okay, probably not, but at the very least, President-elect Obama's choice for Attorney General has some tough days ahead:
Eric H. Holder Jr. is facing increasing resistance to his bid to become the next attorney general, emerging from President-elect Barack Obama's Cabinet nominees as the prime target of Senate Republicans, both because of troubling episodes during his service in the Clinton administration and because of the sensitivity of the post overseeing the Justice Department.

…"The attorney general nominee, Mr. Holder, has got serious questions to respond to with regard to his role in the . . . pardons at the end of the Clinton administration and some other matters," McConnell said yesterday. "Beyond that, I don't anticipate trouble for the new president's nominees."
It's highly unlikely that this'll mean anything, but given the problems the Obama transition has had so far...well, maybe. And then maybe he picks Governor Doyle, instead, which makes Barbara Lawton our new Governor.

Hey, it's possible.

Hat tip Robert Stacy McCain.