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Saturday, December 20, 2008

He's got a whey with words

Yes, I had to go there.

Richard Parins, writing over at FoxPolitics about the recent "Wisconsin Way" report:

Whey: A thin fluid left behind after milk curdles. A by-product of cheese making.

Similarly, the Wisconsin Way is a watery byproduct of politics.

And among the curds are policy pros – blue-ribbon commissioners occasionally tapped by politicians to develop reforms.

Professor Don Kettl ran two such commissions. They were jam packed not only with policy pros, but with 5 cabinet chiefs and 13 current or former elected officials – including lawmakers who could actually debate and champion bills arising from these commissions, as Sen. Margaret Farrow championed the Kettl Commission on State and Local Partnerships for the 21st Century.

And where are Kettl’s commission reports? Collecting cob webs, having never heard a chairman’s gavel.

If this is how lawmakers treat the curd, how seriously will they treat the watery whey?