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Thursday, November 06, 2008


For conservatives who expect the Republican party to successfully play a prominent part in politics, we need a trickle-up effect of them learning from their mistakes.

From Fraley:
For, consider this: Had Bush not been so accommodating to his political opponents… had he drastically cut spending and eliminated social programs or even entire agencies… had he not worked with Teddy Kennedy again and again… had the ‘gang of 14′ not sought compromise on judicial appointments… had the Republicans secured our borders and enforced our immigration laws…had the GOP pushed for less government and more liberty, despite the inevitable media reaction… would the party be any worse off this morning?

Fraley points out others sounding the cry - NRO's editors: "The public has, however, clearly rejected the Republican party in its present configuration."

John Derbyshire: "If GWB had turned his face against new entitlements, closed the borders, deported the illegals, held the line on calls to loosen mortgage-lending standards, starved the Department of Education, and declined those invitations to mosque functions, would the GOP be in any worse shape now?"

Mark Steyn: "In a grim media-cultural environment, the temptation for American conservatism is to be seduced into becoming one of those ever so mildly right-of-left-of-right-of-left-of-center parties they have in Europe. We should have the fight about conservatism’s future vigorously and openly — perhaps at Bud’s Roadhouse out on Route 137 in lieu of All-Girl Mud-Wrestling Night."