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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why does Obama hate the Earth?

Fausta links to this story about Obama's flights to Hawaii and asks: isn't that an awful lot of money?

Barack Obama’s trips to Hawaii on a chartered Boeing 757 each cost more than twice the price of Sarah Palin’s new clothes.

Brad Blakeman, who was in charge of scheduling for President Bush, says a Boeing 757 costs about $20,000 an hour for fuel, crew, and maintenance. Since a trip to Hawaii entails 10 hours of flying time from Chicago, the total cost for each round-trip comes to about $400,000.

…On the other hand, the media are highlighting the Republican National Committee’s purchase of $150,000 in clothes for Palin, even though the dresses will be donated to charities. The New York Times played the story on page one.
Fausta says:

…as a self-declared conservative capitalist, I don’t begrudge anyone how they spend their money. But for Obama to be using campaign money for that trip while saying that anyone making more than $250,000 should have their money redistributed to others, and then for the NYT to whiiiiiine about the price of Palin’s clothes on their front page without mentioning the cost of O’s trip is the acme of hypocrisy.
All true, of course, but missing the overall point: why does Obama hate the Earth so much?

And why hasn't Al Gore taken him aside?