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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Good Reason to Never Live in Milwaukee

I'll admit, Milwaukee has started to grow on me a little bit. Still, it remains a place I will visit selectively but would never chose to live in. This is just another reason why:

After acting to protect their travel budget and to keep their right to receive $150 a year in car allowance and $3 for each time they go somewhere in the city on official business, Milwaukee School Board members approved a budget for this year that will raise the amount to be collected in property taxes for schools by 14.6%.

14.6%. Take a moment to think about the number one concern for most people right now: the economy. And in the face of people's concerns about how the economic downturn is going to affect their ability to pay their bills, MPS doesn't just ask for more, it mugs them. And it does so with great arrogance by protecting their perks.