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Friday, October 10, 2008

Last night in Baraboo

We had a really good event at the McCain/Palin - Sauk County GOP headquarters last night. A really good event. Lots of people, lots of good food, lots of enthusiasm both for the top of the ticket and the state legislative races.

A couple pictures:

You can make out Tim McCumber, chair of the Sauk GOP, speaking up front. He told us we've flown through 800 McCain/Palin signs in just over a week.

He's not really that tall. He's standing on a chair.

You can just barely see state Senator Dale Schultz up front (right side - and he is that tall).

I counted 80 people while I was standing in the back. Would've been more, but the Sauk County Right to Life banquet was last night, too, so a bunch of people went to that instead.

Since I saw several people leave before the speeches started, we're rounding our official attendance estimate up to 200.

Oh, no, wait: that's anti-war protest math. Sorry.