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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Why isn't McCain telling his story?

Does anybody else feel like this election is slipping away?

I do:

This election is starting to feel a lot like 1996. Then, Republicans and conservatives simply couldn't believe that the American public might vote for Bill Clinton, what with all the slimy, unethical, and quite possibly illegal things he did or was involved in and which were constantly being pointed out by Republican and conservative outlets.

But they did. American voters yawned. Near-complete glovelessness on our part didn’t do the trick.

I'm getting the same vibe now. I feel the American public yawning, stretching, and slipping slowly away.
We all want McCain to "take the gloves off," but...well, that didn't work in 1996, and it doesn't seem to be working now.

I do have a suggestion (as little as I tend to rely on my own political instincts): McCain should get back to telling his story. It's powerful stuff, and no amount of spin can possibly wash away that contrast.

Anyway, I've written a lot more on the subject over at my place. Go on over and read.