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Friday, September 26, 2008

Williams to start in Harris' place

Tramon Williams, a third-year player out of Louisiana Tech who walked on in college and was an undrafted free agent coming into the NFL, will line up opposite Charles Woodson in the Packers' secondary on Sunday.

It's been a quick rise from obscurity for the 25-year-old Williams. He walked on at Louisiana Tech and then was cut by the Houston Texans as an undrafted free agent in 2006. It took until Nov. 29 of that year for the Packers to sign him to their practice squad. But once Williams took the field for training camp last year, buried deep down the depth chart, he made an almost immediate impact.
The Packers have confidence. Or, at least, they're saying they have confidence.

"Tramon has been a great surprise for us," McCarthy said. "Just the way he developed from Year 1 to Year 2 in the off-season, he's a true testament to hard work, the off-season program. He had a good year last year, and we feel very comfortable letting him step in there and play. I'm excited for him, and we won't even blink with him in there."

It's good the Packers have confidence in Williams, because even he knows the odds are high that Bucs coach Jon Gruden and his 67-pass attempt offense that beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday will be seeking out No. 38.

"(I'm) the new guy. You've got Charles Woodson on the other side. Why not?" Williams said. "But, you know, we'll see what's going to happen."
I know we're all a little freaked out about having our Pro-Bowl capable cornerback duo broken up, but it was gonna happen sometime. Sooner or later, some young kid was going to have to step in.

Go Tramon!