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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama Aide Meets With I'm A Nutjob

We have a good look at what President Obama's foreign policy will look like. And yes, I said President Obama because there's just no way He loses after this past week. No way. Mark it down. Book it. It's a slam-dunk.

From Amanda Carpenter at comes the revelation that one of Barack Hussein Obama's top fundraisers, a Code Pinko co-founder,met with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (pronounced "I'm A Nutjob).

Jodi Evans, a founder of the radical anti-war group Code Pink and "bundler" for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Wednesday.

“It’s rare for a head of state to take time during an official U.N. visit to meet with the peace community, especially in a situation where the host government—represented by the Bush administration—is so hostile,” Evans said in a statement. “The fact that the meeting took place and was so positive is, in itself, a major step forward.”

During the Democratic primary Obama came under fire from both his Democratic and Republican foes for promising to meet with Ahmadinejad “without preconditions” if he became president.

Evans signed on to become a “bundler” for Obama’s presidential campaign last June. As a bundler, she has pledged to raise at least $50,000 for his campaign.

Just a reminder of what Our Savior said during the primary campaign: that He'd meet with I'm A Nutjob without any preconditions.

A real insight to what the Blame America First crowd will do in dealing with our enemies. We're the bad guys and we have to find out why they don't like us.

Bringing the elementary school approach of conflict resolution to international politics. This type of naivete is going to get tens of thousands if not more Americans killed.

It reminds me of the unpopular kid in school that no one likes who thinks if he could just sit down with the people who don't like him and talk to them he could make them like and accept him. Probably had the imaginary conversation in his head as to what he'd say, what they'd say, etc. Then when he tries, the other kids laugh at him and continue to mistreat him.

And he wonders why no one respects him.

Fact is, no one respects weakness. And no matter who tries to ask the question "What harm does it do to talk?" it's an easy answer. Talking to jihadists is a sign of weakness. I'm A Nutjob is a Holocaust denier who has threatened to wipe Israel off the map then come for America. He's made pacts with America's primary enemy in this hemisphere, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez.

You don't talk to these people. Period. You defeat them by any means necessary.

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