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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All Bailout, All the Time

Will the federal government move to limit CEO salaries, at least for those whose companies are in line to be bailed out? Looks like they just might:

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said he was agreeing to demands from critics in both parties to limit the pay packages of Wall Street executives whose companies would benefit from the proposed bailout.
Normally, I oppose that kind of government interference, but when you ask the fox to come stop your chickens from escaping, he's gonna eat a few. When you ask the government to get involved, they're going to take their pound of flesh.

Not to mix my metaphors or anything, but there it is.

I stand by my earlier stance, which is to say that I simply don't have the knowledge, experience, and education to have a stance. However, I did read a lot of interesting stuff today, including this list of links explaining the whole financial mess, and this Heritage Foundation list of principles that should guide any potential bailout. My favorite: keep actions temporary!

Those and many other pages of explanation and opinion on the mess and the proposed bailout at Conservative Grapevine today.