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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Post your favorite campaign ad, win a Prize

The season's amped up, and the McCain and Obama ads are taking that tone.

I parsed a couple of ads, but:

I'd like Badgers of every stripe and FOBs (friends of Badgers, the BBA and the great Badger State) to put a link in the comments to what you think is the best or worst of this year's McCain or Obama campaign ads.

Print's okay, video is better. The ad must be reproducible in jpeg or youtube URL format without copyright infringement, and you must indicate whether you think it is BEST or WORST.

The winning entry will be posted for all to see tomorrow, and receive air kisses from our irresistibly cuddly mascot:

Break out a Leinie's, click over to YouTube, sing it with me now and let the other games begin!