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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nader trying to get on the ballot

Ralph Nader's Wisconsin supporters want him on the ballot here. In order to achieve that goal, they need to collect 2,000 signatures this month, although Justin Richardson, a Wisconsin co-coordinator for the independent Nader-Gonzalez campaign, says the goal is to collect twice that number.
If you haven't signed nomination papers for any other presidential candidate, you can sign Nader's.

Click here for more info on helping Nader and his supporters Get Their Voices Heard!

I wonder if they're aware of Fighting Bob Fest - the annual gathering of thousands of Wisconsin Progressives? It's on September 6 this year, up in Baraboo as usual. Ed Garvey, the Bobster-in-Chief, was a big Nader supporter once upon a time.

Surely they could get some signatures there.