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Monday, August 18, 2008

'White Party' - which party?

There's an interesting discussion over at Boots & Sabres from Saturday over Howard "Yeaaaargh!" Dean's malaprop calling Republicans "the white party."

Considering that Hillary Clinton has the popular vote among Dems, which she's graciously giving the electorate the chance to rethink during the DNC, along with the current lead in numbers that Dems have over Repubs and the US Census-compiled fact that 77% of Americans identify themselves as white, while 12.9% identify as black, it's a pathetic "mistake".

PS It is amazingly hard to find actual population numbers for demographic breakdowns; the Pew's compilations under "Trends in Party Identification" (see Pew link above, bottom of page), don't bother to extrapolate the numbers from among groups to a group-to-group comparison. Neither does the voter registration website, whose numbers are older. Also noteworthy: the Dem website has a category of pages titled "People," which includes African Americans, Asian Americans, Disabled Americans, etc. but nothing for paler ethnicities aside from rural Americans, Seniors, Vets, and the like.