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Monday, August 18, 2008

Paulians marching to St. Paul

A group of Ron Paul supporters are marching across Wisconsin:

After setting out from Lambeau Field on Aug. 11, a small group of political activists promoting the ideas of Ron Paul made their way into Wausau on Sunday.

Carrying American flags and giving away copies of the Constitution, participants in The Great American Walk for Freedom are holding a series of town hall meetings as they walk across Wisconsin. They are on their way to Minneapolis, where they will attend a political rally in support of the Texas Republican. The rally will be held concurrently with the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.
First it was an anti-war group, walking from Chicago to the GOP convention, and now it’s the Paulians. Wisconsin's the place for it this year, I guess.

That anti-war group made stops in Baraboo and Portage, by the way. That's a little off the beaten path for the Paulians.

Hat tip to FoxPolitics.

Ah, I note that the Paulian walkers have a Youtube video up:

Can anybody see what that is at about the 1:30 mark? Looks like somebody's holding something in front of the camera, and then somebody else knocks it away. Might be one of the constitutions they're handing out - I can't tell.

On a related note, I am planning to spend at least a few hours out among the various protest groups while I’m at the convention next month. I’m also hoping to interview a delegate from Hawaii, and maybe a blogger or two from Minnesota, just to run my version of the Free State Project by them. You know, see what they think.

I'm sure there'll be plenty to do, see, and blog about there, but: is there anything any of you BBA readers would like to hear about during the convention? Because I can be bought.