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Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, duh.

Packers Likely to Postpone Farve's Jersey Retirement.

Elsewhere in sports:

Devin Hester signed a 4-year contract with the Bears, dangit, so it looks like Chicago will, in fact, have some offense this year. Even if it's on special teams.


Packers RB Ryan Grant "insulted" by contract extension offer.

Green Bay - Running back Ryan Grant did not report to training camp Sunday and based on how angry his agent was Sunday with the Green Bay Packers' first offer, it could be a long time before he's back in uniform.

"It's insulting," agent Alan Herman said of the offer he received from negotiator Russ Ball at 5:15 p.m. Saturday "Ryan Grant gave them a running game last year. They know what he can do."

Herman said the most insulting part of the offer was the $1.75 million signing bonus the Packers offered on a six-year contract extension. Herman noted the $3 million linebacker Brady Poppinga received on his four-year extension that was signed last week.
Grant is not currently under contract with the team.

I have no comment on Poppinga's contract (you better be worth it Brady!), but, come on Ryan, you had a really good half-year at a time when the whole team was playing well. Put another good year under your belt before you start this crap.