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Friday, July 25, 2008

Elsewhere in Devin-dom

Sorry, you've got to read the preceding post to understand the title.

Former Badgers basketball star Devin Harris is going back to school.

He said Monday he is planning to enroll for fall semester classes in an effort to get his degree in sociology. He's 36 credits short.

"I've been promising to do this for a while," said Harris, who hopes to take six credits in the fall and complete them online. "You have to do it sometime."

Some might argue that point. The Milwaukee native is a successful NBA point guard making millions of dollars every year. Why does he need to go to back to college?

"It's still important," answered Harris, who plans to take many of his classes online but will spend parts of the next couple of summers on the Madison campus attending classes.
Hey, Devin, that's awesome. Seriously. A great example to others, not to mention your own family.

But…Devin, buddy, come on. Sociology? You’re a multi-millionaire. You drive a Maserati. Study finance.