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Friday, July 18, 2008

Have Lefties always been so warmongering?

Owen points out this comment left on this Fraley post. Fraley’s calling for repeal of the Minimum Markup Law. Scot, from One Wisconsin Now, says he has other solutions for higher gas prices: gouging the oil companies and bitching about Bush and Cheney, mainly.

Not sure how bitching about Bush and Cheney will help, but whatever.

It’s this part that caught my attention:

Possible solutions —

…If you’re going to try and grab middle east oil by invading a country, like, have a plan to win. Because the failure of Bush and company to use the greatest military personnel in the world effectively is tragic and only encourages enemies who wish to do us harm.
Now I admit, invading a country and grabbing their oil would help. Two or three countries would be better.

It would place more oil deposits under U.S. control, thus giving us more control over world supply. Also, having all that revenue flow to us instead of to terrorphile Middle Eastern nations would stop “encouraging enemies who wish to do us harm,” because they wouldn’t have nearly the financial resources they do now. They’d have to go get a job.

In short, it's a great idea. But…wow, I thought One Wisconsin Now was one of these liberal, peacenik, flowers-and-bong-hits hippie groups. I had no idea they were so pro-war. They’re more aggressive than the neo-cons, even.