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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Vikings tampering with Favre?

I knew it. They're a bunch of cheaters.

The rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings just got a lot hotter.

A National Football League source said Wednesday night that the Packers had filed a tampering charge with the league against the Vikings in connection with alleged contact with Brett Favre.
Sounds like it might be time to start planning the invasion. I already figure to be in St. Paul the first week of September...although I'd hope we could get things moving faster than that.

Figures, one of the three Wisconsin bloggers going to the Republican National Convention that week is a Cowboys fan. You can almost smell the conspiracy.

The source said the Packers had provided evidence and information about the alleged contact. At this point, investigators for the league will look into the matter and decide what, if anything, to do. The source added that the Packers feel the case against the Vikings is strong.

Allegations of tampering are touchy subjects among professional sports franchises, and the penalties can include the loss of draft choices and fines.
Yes! Take their draft choices!

Unless they're going to trade them all to us! Then don't!