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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Y’know, there were allegations of voter fraud in Illinois back in 1960…

…that we never really resolved. Maybe there’s still time to get Nixon into office!

Mike Plaisted sure seems to think so (emphasis added).

Perhaps Dennis Kucinich’s articles of impeachment do not come too late after all. It wouldn’t hurt to proceed with the hearings and continue the process even after the reigns [sic] of power are pried from Dick Cheney’s cold, dead hands. A completed impeachment and conviction in the Senate, even if it doesn’t happen until next year, will at least set the record straight. That, and a special prosecutor with Ken Starr’s budget, a bad attitude and lots of steely handcuffs for the Perp Walk Of History. The Bush enablers deserve no less.
Congressional Dems should definitely follow Plaisted’s advice. Spend thousands of man-hours and millions of taxpayer dollars trying to remove from office a person who’s already left office.