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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Name That Weapon

Respectfully borrowed from Boots & Sabers

What, no guesses? Here's a hint:

Lake cleanup finds guns, bones

The cleaning efforts on the now-empty Lake Delton have unearthed several interesting items and, according to police reports, those items include two handguns and some bones.
So we're finding old guns at the bottom of Lake Delton at the same time that a gangster movie is being filmed in the state. Coincidence? Or just really auspicious PR?

Now, if there'd been a disaster movie being filmed here...

During Saturday's clean up, Kenneth Binkley contacted the Lake Delton Police Department after finding bones in the lake bed. The reporting officers did not believe them to be deer bones, as originally suspected, but Detective Janet Klipp said they may be sheep bones, which have been recovered in Lake Delton before.
Elephant bones. They're elephant bones.

On Monday, Detective Kurt Goodreau said he would e-mail digital photographs of the bones to an expert for identification. Earlier on Monday, Goodreau added, someone brought in two rusted handguns that they found in the lake as well. Though he didn't know much about the guns, Goodreau said they were extremely old.

Saturday's day-long clean up effort headed by Rhapsody Resort drew 400 volunteers, according to Bob Sprysl, director of marketing and sales. Volunteers came from Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Madison. Sprysl said people recovered tires, grills, lawn furniture, high chairs, jewelry, metal, picnic tables, motors, anchors and parts of broken piers.
The pic is by Trevor Kupfer, Wisconsin Dells Events.