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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Will there be a third Bush?

I hate to say it, but it's hard to write a headline about the possibility of future presidential candidates named Bush without sounding vaguely dirty.

(CNN) – For only the second time in nearly three decades, there won’t be a Bush on the presidential ballot this November. But that absence may not be a permanent one, the current White House occupants hinted Sunday.

…"One of the reasons George and his brother, Jeb, served in office is because they admired their father [Presient George H.W. Bush] so much," she (Laura Bush) said.

Asked whether that meant her husband was not “the last Bush," she responded: “Well, who knows. We'll see."
Jeb is 55. I think the country would need at least 8 years, maybe 12, before another Bush candidacy would be viable, so he won't be too old even by that time. Now he just has to stay in the spotlight somehow.

Or, don't forget, Jeb's wife was born in Mexico, and they've got three kids. And even I think George P. is good-looking.