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Friday, June 06, 2008

A request to 620 WTMJ

I'd like to make a personal request to the staff at 620 WTMJ. I was in eastern Walworth county this afternoon when a tornado warning was issued for that area. I lingered in the western most portion of the warned area to watch the storm pass, and I had your fine station tuned in. After a few nice gusts near Elkhorn, I decided to exit the area, but I kept your station on in order to stay abreast of what was coming. While I drove, you started taking calls from listeners. I think this can be a very helpful service, but what I listened to this afternoon was not. At one point, you let a woman on the air who sounded drunk, and she proceeded to say she had seen an F3 tornado in eastern Waukesha county. She clearly did not see such a thing, and it was obvious to me, driving in my car 40 minutes away. If you take callers during storms, please screen them better, and please be very quick to pull the plug on the ones who aren't quite right. Thanks.