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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oh, so that’s what you’re supposed to do

A Baraboo area woman was unharmed after a scary situation Tuesday evening was resolved, thanks to quick action by a Sauk County dispatcher and deputy.

A cell phone call came into the 911 center Tuesday night, but there was nothing on the other end when the dispatcher took the call. Dispatcher Scott Simonds was able to get a callback number, but when he called it went directly to voicemail. He then used the mapping program at the 911 center and determined the call came from a house off Highway 33, on Johnson Road, Sauk County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Chip Meister said.

When deputy Matt Burch got to the house, he found that there had been a domestic disturbance. The female victim had tried to call 911 but a male had smashed the phone before she could call. The landline phone had been pulled out of the wall, and the man was holding her and not allowing her to leave the residence, Meister said. However, the woman was able to call 911 on the man's cell phone while he was distracted and hung up quickly, "hoping we would find her," Meister said.
And they did! Hey, if you Madisonians wanna contract your 911 calls out to Sauk County, I know a few county board supervisors I could talk to.