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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Democrats' Veep

Lot of talk out there about Clinton getting the Veep slot, now that Obama's won the primary.

In the past, I’ve dismissed the notion of Clinton as Veep: she simply brings nothing to the ticket that Obama needs.

But wait a minute: maybe she does. Maybe she brings peace with all those disgruntled pro-Hillary Democrats we conservatives so gleefully discussed over the weekend.

If that anger is going to carry over, if those Democrats follow through on their threats to vote McCain or write in Clinton, Obama might just need her.

Of course, she'd have some 'splaining to do.

On the other hand, maybe Clinton knows for a fact Obama won’t pick her. Maybe she's raising expectations in order to keep that anger simmering - another slap in the face when she doesn't get it!

Which, the theory would hold, means McCain in ’08, and a second chance in ’12.

Is there another Democrat woman Obama could pick, who helps him geographically, to offset what I shall now dub the Hillary Effect?


Obama himself moved to link himself more closely with a young Democratic hero of a half-century ago, picking President Kennedy's daughter Caroline to help him choose a vice president.
Considering recent Vice Presidential history, I think this officially places Caroline Kennedy in the front-runner spot.