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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Re: UN Frustrated

Ah, Lance. So close and yet so far!

Yes, the generally toothless and bureaucratically-mired institution with neither the will nor the ability to actually do anything, no matter how "frustrated" they are*, does indeed expect to make a difference.

As long as it can play "good cop" to someone else's "bad cop." Which explains the whole "U.N. responds to anything proactive the U.S. does" thing.

Doesn't all this sound suspiciously like October 2002-February 2003? Updated:

UN, October May: Baghdad Tehran, we are very, very mad at you!
Tehran: ...
UN: We really mean it! Let us take a peek, or we will be even madder at how unsafe we all feel if we don't get to look around all your nukes and crannies!
Tehran: How 'bout we send you our notes?
UN: Well, that sounds reasonable...
Tehran: ...
UN, November June: That report of yours needs to be verified!
Tehran: How 'bout we let some of your friends come in and visit?
UN: Works for us!
Tehran: ...
UN, later in December July: Hey, that didn't work out so well!
Tehran: ...
UN, January August: Okay, we're going to get all our friends together and talk about how mad we are at you, and how unsafe the world feels without checking your facilities!
Tehran: ...
UN, February September and beyond: We all agree that something should be done, and we're writing up a resolution about it right now!
Tehran: ...

Of course there's no guarantee this'll play out anytime soon, given the current "withdrawal fever" our pols are gripped by.

*(Which is easier to refer to them as, the UN or TGTBMIWNWNATADA...? I'm sticking with UN.)