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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mea Culping

In the spirit of Bruce's mistake and mea culpa over at Badger Blogger (noted most recently here by tee tee):

Bot Marcus and Jib have recently suggested that today's gas prices - getting up over four bucks a gallon in some places - are nothing more than an investment bubble. Sooner or later, that means, the bubble will pop, and prices will come down.

I agree with them, but then, I was calling it a bubble nearly three years ago.

That is one big, strong bubble. And that's hardly the end of my bad predictions. I wrote this back in January:

I’ve already chosen a Democrat candidate. In some distant parallel universe, Lance1 is crossing party lines to vote for Hillary Clinton because the Republican primary has been long settled, while the Democrat primary is still in doubt.
Turns out that "distant parallel universe" was pretty close by. And I wrote this last November:

Because of the tightly-packed and frontloaded nature of next year’s presidential primary, two or three Republican candidates could still be in the running by the time it gets to us, on February 19.

Ergo, we might get to cast a meaningful vote.

Which puts me in an unexpected position. I’ll have to decide whom to support.

...I won’t concern myself with the Democrat primary, mainly because there won’t be one by the time February rolls around. Hillary Clinton will, I predict, win the nomination early.

...Clinton’s in. Wisconsin Democrats, take February off.
See? We all make bad calls now and then.