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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Re: Drinking The Good Kool-Aid

Anyway, at dinner one night our liberal friend got a little unsober and started spouting off loudly. My dad tells me that he shouted something to the effect: "if we do get nuked and we know what country the nukes came from, we better damn well have a president who would push the button! "
I added the emphasis.

That saying is not as certain as one thinks it is. I hardly doubt any nation will come out openly and take responsibility for such an act. That is the out, they can talk tough but when it comes time to be tough there will be all sorts of "buts".

I was having beers with a colleague back in late '02 or early '03 and we were talking about Saddam and how we should not go after him. He constantly said if Saddam ever does anything to us he knows he will get thumped and thumped hard. I brought up the point he was not giving Saddam enough credit as Saddam would be smart enough to do any such thing in such a way his tracks were well covered.

Any nuclear device going off in one of our cities is not going to be delivered by a plane flying the flag of Iran or whatever nation is doing it. It will go off in a container that went through a number of nations on the records and probably a couple of nations off record.