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Friday, May 23, 2008

Obama's Voting Record, In Haiku

Barack Obama
Running to be president
What is his record?

Junior Senator
First elected in '04.
New term in two years.

Domestic wiretaps:
Want to catch a terrorist?
He voted against.

“Yes” to health care bill
funded by tobacco tax.
Vetoed by George Bush.

Security Act:
Response to 9-11
He didn’t show up

The cloture motion
On Alberto Gonzales,
Obama’s not there.

Funding for the war:
Democrats vote in favor.
But, not Obama.

Fifteen ninety-one:
A timetable for Iraq.
Voted “yes,” of course.

Both parties favor
A higher minimum wage.
Even Obama!

Ethics reform bill
With bi-partisan support.
Barack blessed it, too.

Need to build a fence?
Congress thought we needed to.
He supported it.

Fund stem cell research?
With federal tax dollars?
Barack thought we should.

Confirm Alito?
The senator said “no way.”
Not Roberts, either.

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