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Friday, May 23, 2008

What the Blogs think of Kagen's Idea of Suing OPEC...

Originally posted at "Who the Hell is Dr. Kagen?". When we first set out to form the "Who the Hell is Dr. Kagen?" blog, we knew our first goal was to help educate the people of the 8th Congressional District about what kind of man they had representing him in Congress. Now, mind you, this should be the newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations of the district, but often times they might drop the ball.

Here's one such example, where the blogosphere took a look at the recent "accomplishment" of Congressman Kagen, his bill to sue OPEC nations, that Green Bay and Fox Cities media won't teach you what the world thinks of our 'fair' Congressman.

Humor Blogger Don Lewis, of IDAHO.

Mr. Lewis created a multi-question quiz for his readers.
You find a OPEC Nation guilty of Price Gouging. You impound 500 million dollars from their US bank holdings and take away their Domino's Pizza franchise. The guilty OPEC Nation will immediately:

  1. shamefully admit the error of its ways, tap a keg of oily goodness at a UN frat party and donate 50 million to Nancy Pelosi's latest wind power research project.
  2. accept that it has a problem, enter the Barbara Bush Oil Abuse Clinic to avoid further prosecution and in the process 'hook up' with Lindsay Lohan.
  3. turn the big oil pipeline wheel labeled "US" to the OFF position, sell all its oil to China, and start manufacturing extra long extension cords for hybrid cars.
The correct answer of course, is #3.

Then there is one, (from an American Expatriate in Australia.) News sure does travel, huh Congressman?

What should be obvious is that the US – neither its president nor its representatives – cannot control the oil producing countries of OPEC. That will not change with this silly anti-trust law. What our elected officials seem to have lost sight of is that solutions for domestic issues, like how to satisfy energy needs without knee-capping the economy, are best found at home. More domestic production, more personal conservation, and less dependence on OPEC are a start toward long-term energy policy. Creating a legal framework to blame others for high oil prices will do, I predict, nothing good. But it will make some Congressmen feel better, feel more secure, as they head into November. After that…well, I suppose that's an issue for the next election cycle.

What, there's an election in November? Honest, man of "Positive Change" with a "Together We Will" attitude like Steve Kagen would never pander. Come on, the Packers aren't even involved here!

Steve Kagen wouldn't think his entire constituents are rubes, hicks, and idiots, would he?

Then there's this economic blogger.
In the latest example of congressional rocking-chair legislature (rocking chair=looks like you're doing something when you're not) the House passed a bill allowing government agencies to sue OPEC.


Rep. Kagen, it would "guarantee supply and demand reflect economic rules" you clearly don't understand the difference between speculation, investment, and trans-national litigation. First, prove that the price is NOT reflective of supply/demand. Second, if we sue OPEC where does our oil come from (they're a cartel, remember)? Third, in what jurisdiction can you sue sovereign nations? I've watched enough Law and Order to know that Briscoe and Green can't just go arresting people in Jersey...wish they could though.
Of course you could be this guy...
Not one word on the mechanics of oil depletion. Or the Export Land model. Or the fact that OPEC is f*!@king based on the Texas Railroad Commission - which still exists. Or about how Congress has defunded a variety of alternative fuels research. Or about growth in demand from countries such as China and India.

Pandering of the lowest sort. Self-destructive, delusional lawmakers, guiding the Republic into a storm with no preparations.

I need a drink.
I think we all do.

Of course, if drinking's not your thing, the Political Dog urges another activity familiar to the Kagen family.
Start with Rep. Steve Kagen of Wisconsin, who sponsored the legislation. Said Kagen, "This bill guarantees that oil prices will reflect supply and demand economic rules, instead of wildly speculative and perhaps illegal activities."

Steve stop smoking pot and dropping acid. You are completely delusional.

Kagen lamented that the US is at the mercy of OPEC nations for its gasoline prices. Steve, that's because they own the oil and can sell it to us at any price they want to. The only available alternative is to get oil from non-OPEC nations including our own, ie. drill in ANWR, mine shale, etc.

Suing is not an alternative. No thinking person believes for a moment it is. Stop wasting another minute on this pipe dream. Will somebody in Washington please get to work?
Yes, someone should please get to work...returning Steve Kagen to Private Practice in January 2009.

If you're interested in seeing what other blogs are saying about Steve Kagen and his Bill to sue OPEC, conduct your own Google Blogs and Technorati search. There's more than enough out there.