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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Re Healthy Blogging

Thanks to Lance for bringing to light a terrible disease that's felled many of our fellow bloggers. I hear it's what sidelined Allahpundit a while back, among others.

If you're concerned that your condition is too advanced for simple therapeutic treatment, see a professional, who can help you realize that you'd be better off scamming drunks at dice in the local bar for pocket money.

When seeking treatment, it's helpful to know something about your condition in advance.

Commonly called Outside Content Disorder, or OCD, treatment is available. The two most successful approaches are drug therapy (some chill pills) and shock therapy (a resounding slap, or high-frequency amplification audio therapy - "get a life" administered at high decible repeatedly).

Sufferers usually respond well before the doctor's bill is in the mail.

Thankfully, it's not communicable.

PS Lance, that has to be in the top five of funniest blog posts evah.