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Monday, April 14, 2008

Its Spring?

This is the view I had Saturday evening and yes folks this is in Wisconsin!

My father and I drove up Friday evening and we had a snow-rain mix from Anderson Lake to Lakewood and from that point on it was 100% snow. The above photograph was what welcomed us when arrived at our destination near Nelma. We had no problems, but a buddy who was about one hour in front of us went into the ditch near Lakewood. Fortunately, no one hurt and he was not stuck deep and the guy behind him was able to pull him out.

The plan was to hit Ski Brule for my last hurray of the '07-'08 snow season but on Saturday the weather was bad and we got a late start. So, what did we do?
Well for starters we wanted to do things like watch golf & baseball. However, the satellite dish was full of that wet heavy snow. The usual solution is to make snowballs and chuck them at the dish, this usually causes the snow to fall out. Well, not this time. The mass of snow just laughed at my attempts and in fact ate up the snowballs making the problem worse! The next attempt was to break out the garden hose and douse the dish with water, but while I could spray a mile southwards the northwind quickly beat down the stream of water and that counted as my shower for the day. So my brother asked us if we have enough PVC around to reach the dish and use the PVC pipe to scrape the snow off. That is what you are looking at, my starting attempts to maneuver about 20' of 3/4" pvc up to the dish. Eventually we got the pipe between the cabin and dish's mast and I was able to use horizontal piece (it doesn't show in this photo) to scrape off enough snow so we could get so-so reception (watched Gagne close out a Sheets victory, and then The Godfather). PVC is one of those things up there with duct tape a guy needs to know how to use!

So we eventually went to dinner and came back (that is when the first photos on top is taken) and turned in for the night. Then the following morning we left for Ski Brule and I snapped this photo on the way out:
Ski Brule was 100% open, but the snow was definitely running downhill. It wasn't too bad for this time of the year but my last ski trip (two weeks prior) the snow was the best it was all season.

I am now ready for summer.

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