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Thursday, April 24, 2008

If they ever really try this it will be the Left standing in the way.

The MJS is reporting that developers are interested in a wind farm off shore of Milwaukee.

While none of these groups are very close to actually moving forward you can be sure that if any of them do attempt to move forward and actually set up any of these wind farms, it will be the people who pray at the Global Warming Alter who try to stop it. Not us evil Global Climate change deniers.

That is the problem with the Green Cult Members they hate oil but they also hate all the other choices we have. As Charlie pointed out on his show most of Europe's power comes from Nuclear power, I believe he said 75% of Frances electricity is from Nuclear power. But we have not built a new Nuke plant in decades in the US due to the Green Cult's objections

Wind farms, some tree hugging member of the Sierra club or some other environmental terrorist group will object because of the "danger" to migratory birds(what about Darwinism survival of the fittest.) Or some East Side Elitists will complain that it wrecks their view from their Lake shore pent houses.

See that is my problem with these Green Cult members their only answer is we lower our standard of living and use less of everything they ignore there are many viable answer to our energy needs that would not only maintain our standard of living but help improve it.

Oil, open up Anwar and the Gulf coast and tap into the oil supplies that are right in our back yard. That must be coupled with building new/modern refineries to crack the oily goodness into many useful products.

Build more new/modern nuclear plants and couple that with a complete over haul of the power grid to get that "juice" where it needs to go.

Start putting up Wind mills where ever they can go. I would put one in my back yard tomorrow if the government would let me.

Clean Coal well the Green Cult cannot support that Coal is almost as evil as oil to them. Don't you know how they evil miners rape Mother Earth/Gaia

So do not believe the Green Cult we can "solve" any energy needs we have with cleaner power sources with out giving up one bit of our standard of living. We need to stand up to this wack job leftist religion we cannot let such such a small minority of environmental terrorists destroy our way of life. Which is their long term goal.

Global Climate change movement is bad science coupled with a hatred of Capitalism it is the biggest threat to our continued survival as a world power since the Soviet Union

Fight These people every chance you get we cannot give them one more inch.

WSB Chris