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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

No, seriously. Happy Earth Day. Stop giggling. I mean it.

We on the right tend to distrust “environmentalism” because environmentalism seems to embrace any and every Proclamation of Doom that requires us to radically change the way we live our lives. Either that, or Suffer the Consequences.

We dislike the way environmentalists seem to misuse science to promote their claims; the way they try to stomp out any dissent; the way their Proclamations of Doom seem to change every dozen years or so.

But we shouldn't let their slavish adherence to anything offered under the environmental mantle (or, in some cases, slavish affection for anything deemed vaguely anti-capitalist, anti-Western, or anti-American) stop us from doing the right thing.

And the right thing, I think, is: waste not, want not.

If I could pick a slogan for Earth Day, that would be it. That’s a good conservative way of thinking. Don’t poop where you eat. Keep the future in mind. Waste not, want not. That's what your grandmother taught you. Even though we dislike and distrust establishment environmentalism, we should be able to get behind that.

Besides, I figure on living a good, long time, and I want there to be whitetails to hunt when I’m old and feeble. My great-grandkids will haul it out of the woods for me, or I’ll soak my false teeth in their milk.

Happy Earth Day, and thanks, Earth.