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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spoils of Victory

Word on the internet has it that Hillary Clinton is turning her Pennsylvania win into new campaign contributions:

…she implored her supporters to log onto her fund-raising Web site and “and show your support tonight because the future of this campaign is in your hands.” (Campaign officials said late Tuesday that they were having their best night ever in fund-raising online, bringing in $2.5 million in less than four hours.)
That may be true, but she still can’t touch Obama's fundraising reach:

Dead actor Roy Scheider donates to Barack Obama campaign

Sen. Barack Obama does come from the Chicago school of politics, where historically voter turnout has been unusually high for residents of certain graveyards. And he has been unusually successful raising money.

Now, he's raising money by raising the dead.

The Times' campaign finance expert Dan Morain has found Obama campaign records reporting a $50 donation by Roy Scheider...

According to the campaign records, Scheider made the donation March 10.

Trouble is, Scheider died exactly one month before that, on Feb. 10, at age 75. Just another example of Hollywood's undying affection for Democrats.
Turns out it was just an automatic monthly credit card donation, which is supposed to end this month.

Gotta love how the article ends:

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton's campaign has been waiting weeks for Marlon Brando to return its calls. Same for John McCain and Charlton Heston.
And in the comments: "Chief Brodie to Obama: 'You're gonna need a bigger vote.'"