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Thursday, April 03, 2008

I don't believe this for a second...

...but I can't decide whether I want it to be true.

Report: Favre re-thinking retirement

LOS ANGELES (TICKER) —Brett Favre could be having second thoughts about retirement.

According to a Los Angeles Times report, the former Green Bay Packers quarterback, who announced his retirement last month, is contemplating a comeback with another team.

Citing NFL sources, the Times reported Thursday that Favre has been quietly talking with teams about their interest in trading for the three-time NFL Most Valuable Player.

On March 4, Favre, who played with the Packers for 16 seasons, announced his retirement during an emotional press conference at Lambeau Field.

However, Favre, 38, has yet to give written notice of his retirement to the league or players’ union.
But on the off-chance that it is true...

...wouldn't he have to talk to the Packers before he taked to other teams? And wouldn't his agent know about it?

And, well, would we want him back, or would we wonder tantalizingly about what we might be able to get for him?