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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The people of Wisconsin never cease to surprise me

A couple of election thoughts.

First any time a Greater Wisconsin Committee candidate loses it is a good day.

Now hopefully Gableman will actually act like a conservative now that he is on the bench.

We did manage to forestall the evil trial lawyer invasion for another couple of years.

Can someone explain the people of Milwaukee County to me please. They keep reelecting Scott Walker but then fill the County Board with his enemies? I do not get it what good is Walker being County Ex if everything he does will get overridden by the County Board.

While it is great that the people of the 6th district threw Michael McGee out on his locked up ass, it is really sad that over 2000 voters thought he was the better choice for alderman.

Lets give Wisconsin voters credit for finally starting to limit the veto powers of the Governors it has been abused way too much by both Tommy Thompson and Jim Doyle. But then again any gun owner can tell you that Jim Doyle is not above ignoring laws he does not like or that slow him down.

I have to say on the surface it looks like the Voters got this one right for the most part.

Finally I am glad to see voters in SE Wisconsin saw through the BS of William Gleisner and did not reward him for pretending he was a conservative. Not that the other judge is was a better choice but a message is being sent. You cannot act like a liberal most of the time then just call yourself a conservative to get elected.(Unless your name is John McCain)