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Monday, April 21, 2008

Badger Bites: Brewers edition

It's Monday, and we're beating the Cards at home. So - Brewers blogging!!!

First, some gratuitous tee bee Brewers remarks:

What is with Prince's xxxxl uniforms? He's not fooling anyone. Call Jenny Craig now!

Ricky Weeks is starting a trend. First there was the tennis bracelet, now Ricky brings us the MLB choker.

I don't hate Yost and his pitch count yet. But it's early.

Now, from the (semi) pros:

Al delivers the news flash: "11% of the 2008 season is complete." Al doesn't leave us hanging - the news is good! "Well the good ol' Brew Crew is 11-7 and on pace for 99 wins! Not too shabby considering we've played more road games than home and played a fairly tough part of our schedule."

The Brewers have a blog?!? What can you say about someone who would post, "30-year old righty flamethrower Derrick Turnbow is back for the 2008 season."

TCW defends the defenders: "Last year Brewer pitchers were singled out as the root cause of the Brewers miserable defense, when in fact 70-80% of the Brewers inability to prevent opponent baserunners and opponent runs was the fault of the Brewers historically awful field defense." Somehow, I'm still focused on sucky pitching.

Speaking of pitchers, Chris opines about Ben Sheets' missed start: "The news gets even better guess which human gas can is going to start in his place." Go on, guess! Rhymes with tush.

Jeff Sackman offers some "Pre-Series Cardinals Thoughts." Looking for a silver lining, that one: "The Cardinals are 12-7, which has to qualify as one of the bigger surprises in the early going. I don't think it's going to last..."

Marty isn't as sanguine about Yost as I am.

And a link to Kathy, for best use of a baseball reference: "There is no crying in Politics (unless your last name is Clinton or Pelosi)."

Now I have to grab a Leinie's and get back to the game.