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Monday, April 21, 2008

Is Rodgers a shoo-in, or isn't he?

Not long ago I posed the question: is it a done deal that Aaron Rodgers will be the Packers' starter this year?

According to this story, the answer is yes, but maybe it shouldn't be:

"I mean, their No. 1 need is quarterback," a personnel director for an NFC team said last week. "Absolutely. They need to get somebody in there that they can start developing if Rodgers is a durability risk. He has missed more time than Brett Favre, and he just started."

From the outside, that would be a reasonable assumption. Not only has Rodgers had to sit out 10 of 50 games with foot and hamstring injuries, there's also the matter of his experience and ability level. He has played 121 snaps in three years, obviously without a start.

Nevertheless, there's no panic in Green Bay. No, far from it.

From Thompson to coach Mike McCarthy, there's almost a smug air of confidence that Rodgers is destined to do great things.
That last bit sounds like misplaced editorializing. Still, if there’s any feeling that Rodgers is having to work to be the starter, I’m not finding it.

And that’s all I’m really asking for. Some sense that yes, he’s got to earn it, and then he’s got to keep it. A little competition ought to be good for him, oughtn’t it?

This Gery Woelfel piece makes it sound like I could get my wish:

Friday, I spoke with two prominent football agents and both said they were also told the Packers have more than a passing interest in drafting a QB with their first pick.

Even two respected draft prognosticators – Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly and Pat Kirwan of --- have the Packers using the 30th pick overall on a quarterback: Brian Brohm of Louisville.
The quarterback is the most important guy on the field. A team should turn over every single rock and never rest until they find a good one.

Elsewhere in football, Brett Favre is returning to something, but it's not the field:

...the iconic quarterback has just finished filming two new commercials that will debut nationally in a few months.

Favre filmed ads for Wrangler 5-Star premium jeans, and for Remington, the hunting and shooting sports company.
He didn't even have to leave home - they shot the Wrangler commercials on his own property.

Any excuse to run another picture is a good one, if you ask me.