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Friday, April 18, 2008

Being Evil kicks ass

Being a true believing Global Climate Change/Warming denier, I take great pleasure in doing acts that would drive the Green Nazis nuts.

Today I fired up the snow blower to run it dry before putting it away for the season(I know I am taking a big risk declaring winter in Wisconsin being done in April but that is me I like to gamble just call me Mr. Vegas) I did not think it had that much gas left in it, but I must have filled it up the last time I thought I would need it. The damn thing sat out by my shed running for almost an hour(I also got my revenge on my neighbor who likes to fire up his piece of crap muscle car and let it sit in the Driveway running for hours at a time)

The only thing that would have made it better was if it was a Ozone Action day.

Global Warming/Climate Change is a myth and we need to fight these people any chance we get.

I look at my letting my snow blower run for an hour just to burn up the gas as a tiny act of resistance to this Evil Left Wing Religion that is the Cult of Global Warming.

Fight this madness every chance you get.

Is it warm on this planet today or is it just the Sun's Solar Cycles?

WSB Chris