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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Packers schedule released

Here, see for yourself.

As noted in this space before, the Packers will play the first Monday Night game of the season, 7 pm, September 8, at home against the Viqueens.

They’ll have two other MNF games, both away. No Thursday night NFL Network games this year.

A few links:

  • Chris at the Wisconsin Sports Bar noticed that the two biggest home games of the year – Dallas and Chicago – are Gold package, meaning they’re on the Milwaukee season ticket holder’s list.

  • Local season-ticket holders might be a touch upset about that, but one of the people interviewed for this story thinks the later home games – against Carolina, Houston, and Detroit – will be just as good, should the Packers make a playoff push.

  • This guy ranked all 32 NFL schedules according to opponents’ defensive stats, and says the Pack’s schedule is 9th easiest.

    The Packers have one of the easiest pass schedules in the league, which is an advantage for Aaron Rodgers in his first season as the team's No. 1 quarterback…
    Just from eyeballing, I’m not sure I agree, but what the heck. I’ll grasp at that straw.

  • This guy picks the best and worst games of each week of the season. The Packers make the “best” game three times: hosting Minnesota in Week 1, because it’ll be Rodgers’ first start; hosting Indy in Week 7; and then at the Viqueens in Week 10.
Just a question: is it a done deal that Rodgers will be the starter? Everybody's acting like it is.

On a slightly different note: the Wisconsin Badgers made this list of "the 12 most embarrassing games of the 2008 season" for scheduling Cal Poly on November 22 (emphasis added):

It's not that Cal Poly is bad; the Mustangs were 7-4 last season. It's just that as with the Florida-Citadel game, the timing of this one is weak: This will be the final game of the regular season for Wisconsin. Yeah, a I-AA game on the last big weekend of the season will fire up the fans. The fine establishments on State Street will be filled by the middle of the third quarter by fans who have left Camp-Randall Stadium.