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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gas Tax Holidays & Economic Idiocy

I believe gas tax holidays are silly ideas. Much better to repeal a gas tax than to simply have a holiday. If it is such a good idea why not repeal the tax or permanently lower it?

Still, our great governor is on record responding to John McCain's promise of a gas tax holiday:
Meanwhile, Gov. Jim Doyle told reporters in Madison the plan was "just a big gift to the oil companies." The companies, he argued, would simply raise their prices to eat up the savings intended for drivers.
Source: JSOnline – McCain turns tables at economic summit (He asks the questions at executive gathering) by GREG J. BOROWSKI
What demagoguery. Taxes are a cost of doing business and costs are passed onto consumers, Governor Doyle understands this, right? Gasoline being a commodity means there is tremendous pressure for suppliers to keep the cost at a minimum.

Is it ignorance or demagoguery?

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