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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Twenty-three hours to tip-off…

…and the Badgers aren’t getting much love.

Just read this dreamy fawning over the Cinderella Sweethearts from Davidson and their sophomore sensation (scroll to the bottom). I was going to excerpt it, but if I vomited all over my keyboard...well, I don't have a spare.

Some pundits are picking Davidson to beat Wisconsin, and some are even saying they'll beat Kansas. Yeah, okay. I guess you can’t rule it out, after they made the Sweet Sixteen.

Still, though. Let's get a grip. You know they've got 1700 students? I sat in lecture halls with more students than that. They could bring the whole school to the Kohl Center and you wouldn't be able to tell.

And by the way, Kevin Fischer noticed some guy at Fox Sports ranking Bo Ryan 9th among the Sweet Sixteen coaches.

Ninth. Which, naturally, leads one to ask whether it's too late for Wisconsin to secede from the Union.

Here's a swoonless media opinion for you:

Biggest threat (to Kansas -ed): Wisconsin. Largely overlooked heading into the tournament despite winning both the Big Ten regular season and tourney titles and beating Texas in Austin, the Badgers look like another vintage Bo Ryan team. Against Kansas State, they shut down Michael Beasley after halftime (six points) and got Bill Walker into foul trouble. They're capable of slowing down a team like Kansas just by controlling the tempo.
Also, Jason King of Yahoo Sports named Wisconsin as his possible upset Final Four team. (Warning: link leads to a video following a commercial. King talks Wisconsin at about the 2:10 mark).

Twenty-two hours, fifty-seven minutes to tip-off…