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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Growing majorities like nuclear power

There was a conference on nuclear energy at UW yesterday and, guess what?

Bisconti, whose research was sponsored by the Nuclear Energy Institute, said support by the public has grown from 49 percent to 64 percent since 1983, when she first conducted the poll. During the same period, opposition to nuclear power has dropped from 46 percent to 30 percent, Bisconti reported.

She said part of the reason is because Americans are concerned about global warming and view nuclear power as a relatively clean alternative.
Of course, you’d have to get past the state’s moratorium on new nuclear plants. And then you’d have to get past all the existing regulations. And then there’s still the “not in my backyard” problem.

I’ll let them put one in mine, if it’ll fit. I’ll even rent out the kids for a fair wage.

Read the whole thing. Hat tip to FoxPolitics.