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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Concealed carry on campus

From the Daily Cardinal:

Push for gun-owner rights reaches Madison

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, an organization promoting handgun owners' rights on college campuses, will form on the UW-Madison campus in the upcoming month.
Chapters already exist at MATC, Marquette, and Lawrence University. The organization plans to hold protests at all its campuses April 21 through 25.

The story quotes a professor who isn't running and hiding from the idea:

UW-Madison philosophy professor and expert on gun ownership ethics Lester Hunt said the idea of concealed carry on campus could be a good idea if tests and background checks were administered to all potential carriers.

“It’s time to at least consider the possibility of people exercising a concealed carry right on campus,” Hunt said.
Note that he said could, not would. Still, that last statement is pretty powerful for a UW professor, and I'm a little surprised that it made it into a Daily Cardinal story.

Unless the DC isn’t as edge-of-the-spectrum liberal as they used to be, anyway.

That’s the second professor I’ve heard of endorsing the idea.