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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Running To The Right

Dan Bice takes a look at the two candidates for the 2nd District Court of Appeals, two candidates with liberal backgrounds running to the right in a fairly conservative district.

Neither newly appointed Appeals Court Judge Lisa Neubauer nor her opponent, William Gleisner, is a conservative.

Not even close.

But the two are vying for a key judicial seat in the heavily Republican ring of suburban counties outside Milwaukee.

What to do?

Time for a political makeover.

Gleisner has the backing of former Waukesha County DA Paul Bucher but has a background of contributing to and supporting liberal candidates and causes, including Gov. Jim Milhous Doyleone, failed state Supreme Court candidate Linda Clifford and the French-looking Senator, John F-ing Kerry (by the way, did you know he served in Vietnam?).

Neubauer's husband, Jeff, is former chairman of the state Democrat Party and a former Democrat member of the state Assembly. She was appointed by Don Doyleone and has contributed to both Barack Hussein Obama and liberal state Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

Who do you vote for? It comes down the concept of judicial activism. Which candidate supports the concept of strict constructionism — the court interpreting law — as opposed to judicial activism — black-robed mullahs making law from the bench.

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