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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Beware The Earworm - Saturday's Music!

I recently picked up this Saturday's Music featured piece and since doing so whether I have the CD playing or not it is in my head, beware the earworm. The composer whose music is featured has been a Badger Blog Alliance guest in the past. In the runup to the first snowstorm of the year I put up an appropriate work of his and last week I commemorated his 329th birthday. Will The Beatles have the same following 279 years from now? I am skeptical.

Anyway, the music and the time in which this composer live is considered baroque and is marked by ornate detail and little open space on the musical canvas. When I listen to the work on CD I am constantly discovering new details in the music.

Anyway, I present to you The Mandolin Concerto in D (Lute RV 93) by il Prette Rosso – The Red Priest aka Antonio Vivaldi: If you are not smiling by the end of the piece, don't worry we will call 911!

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