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Monday, February 18, 2008

I finally figured out who Obama reminds me of

Today driving home from the Deli I heard another one of Obama's radio ads all about feelings and hope blah blah blah short on ideas and it hit me who reminds me of.

Jimmy Carter.

Like Carter he brings no real experience or back ground that will make him a good president. Carter said he would not lie to us and Obama keeps saying he will bring back hope.

Does anyone remember what the Carter years were like? Sucks to be us.

I honestly think Obama is going to win the Dem nomination and win in November and I shudder to think of how naive babe in the woods is going to screw things up just like Carter did.

Now I do not think Clinton or McCain would be all that much better but I am sorry the Carter vibe I am getting off of Obama is actually pretty scary and depressing.

But then again the American people get the government they deserve so if they elect Obama they will have earned what ever shat sandwich they end up eating

Shame there wasn't someone left in this election worth voting for.

On that cheery note I will bid you all good day and go fire up my snow blower

speaking of snowblowers did you know Obama is going to solve that global warming problem too with hope lol.

WSB Chris