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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Corn Squeezin's

Seeing the topic of ethanol is mentioned on at least two or three Wisconsin blogs thought I'ld give details on my study.

Since I have started keeping detailed documentation of my mileage with corn squeezin's here is what I report.

905 miles driven by burning 81.42 gallons of E85. This translate into 11.1 miles per gallon and 20.89 cents per mile (calculated based on three datapoints starting on Dec 22). A couple of notes, first this is winter driving and most of the miles are short trips and a fair amount of them in 4x4 or auto four wheel. This vehicle is a 1500 '04 LT Suburban with around 85 kmiles. One trip was to & from Marshfield originating in Appleton.

Before I started with the detailed documentation I seem to recall getting around 15-17 mpg on regular gasoline.

My incomplete but educated judgment is given identical driving patterns you may pay less at the pump for corn squeezin's but you visit the pump more.

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