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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday's Music

Something a lighter than the usual politics here!

I will attempt to make this a regular posting, but we will see.

So, what is Saturday's Music? I will find YouTube postings of music I like (If you want music you like, get your blog) for you to check out. Since I like mostly classical (classical used generically here) music most will be that sort of music. However, I have some other ideas in my head too. Check the videos out with an open mind, I will post pop music, I will post up-tempo music, I will post slow-tempo music what I will not post is listless music.

Anyway the first contribution is strange even in comparison to its strange recording on the group's eponymously named 1986 album. Funny enough, I recall one morning hearing WAPL (105.7) out of Appleton play this song from the album, which I recently purchased.

I suggest you buy it, pop it into your car's CD player, play track 14, and turn up the volume. You WILL turn heads.

What group? The Kronos Quartet! What song? Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze transposed for a string quartet and this rendition is different from the album's in the fact on the album the tempo is completely consistent with the original, but in this YouTube recording the tempo varies between original and slower than the original.

Ladies & Gentlemen I present today's Saturday Music:

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