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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hate Mail from Stevens Point

A Stevens Point reader sends Michelle Malkin hate mail and gets it published.

A certain Joe Roppe from Steven Point writes Michelle with some standard lefty talking-points and adds what is essentially I hope you all die. Here is the how the letter ends:

The best part is someday you will die of anorexia or choke to death on your own purging. That’s my dream.

Thank you,
Joe Roppe
Stevens Point, WI

Funny thing is Michelle finds a letter in the Stevens Point Journal from a certain Joe Roppe about the horror of cyberbullying:
Cyberbullying is a tactic some people use to anonymously attack those they disagree with using the Internet through email or on message boards. It can include threats on a person's life, sexual remarks, pejorative labels such as hate speech all of which are intended to harm others.

Hmmmm. I do not know about you, but after I get over the obvious initial reaction I can not but to help think are there people out there who can not see such stark self-contradiction? Is Mr. Roppe's computer cracked? Is it controlled by robots out to spoil his reputation? I can not see any conscious human being contradicting himself in such a fashion at least that quickly. I can see writing the letter to Michelle and then turning around, regretting what one had done, and penning a letter to start over.

However, some googling shows this not be the case. The googling shows Mr. Roppe has been tussling the local political scene in Stevens Point. If you visit WSAW you will find Michelle is not Joe's only target :

Stevens Point resident Joe Roppe has even started a Web site about [Mike] Wiza's record, with scans of court records and police reports.

So, apparently Joe is looking in the mirror, doesn't like what he sees, and whines that he sees other faces in the mirror but really sees his own face, no he does not object to personal attacks & threats, he objects when made against him and his causes. Next time Joe wants to whine about the rough and tumble politics I suggest he look in the mirror first and realize its his face he sees.

Now, perhaps Ole Joe thinks his note is excepted as he starts off with the anonymous qualifier in his mail, but the fact he attaches his name in no way ennobles the letter.